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    India: Golf Destination of the Developing World!

    When you think of India, chances are golf isn’t the first thing that pops into your head. After all, why would it? You think elephants, yoga, Himalayas, the Taj Mahal… not holes in one or polo shirts. 

    Well, you’d be wrong! India is actually a pretty hot topic in the golf world these days. When the British left their former colony, they also left a few key sports. And while Indians rejected a great deal of their former rulers’ cultural icons, they kept a few special pastimes: cricket and…golf!

    Did you know that India actually has one of the oldest gold courses in the world? That’s right! The Royal Calcutta Golf Club in Kolkata is the oldest golf course in the world outside of the British Isles. Eat that, coastal Florida!

    India is also home to the record holder for the highest golf course in the world: the Gulmarg resort in Kashmir! Don’t believe us? Bring your best ANCHOR TEXT and check for yourself!

    Now, we don’t want you thinking that half of India looks like those pristine, sculpted resorts in America. While India has some great courses, you have to remember that the population is enormous. Since there’s not a great deal of “free” land around, the Indians have had to improvise.

    Did you know that more than half a dozen courses are situated inside a horse racing track? Or that the only 18-hole course in Assam State has an actual airstrip right in the middle? Even the Delhi Golf Club, one of the most visited in the country has an archaeological site smack dab in the center. You can check out the ancient tombs while you’re getting your hole in one!

    Overall, India’s golf courses are an absolute adventure! You’ll find them interlinked with zoos, deer reserves, and train tracks among other things.

    So, next time your golfing buddies start talking about how they’re roughing it in the sandpit, you can whip out your Indian golf facts and show them how good they’ve got it! You can check out the PGT of India website to learn more about the sport here in India.  

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    Incredible India: The HUGE fact sheet 

    More people live in India alone than in the entire Western Hemisphere! In 12 years, the UN predicts that India will have the largest population on Earth-bigger than China!

    It’s also the biggest democracy in the world! Over 1.2 billion people are eligible to vote in India’s elections.

    India also has three of the world’s ten biggest supercities! The captial, Delhi, is the second largest city in the world.

    Here’s a fun fact about Indians-they’re the biggest producers and consumers of mangoes in the world! In fact, it’s the country’s national fruit.

    Long ago, India was once an island continent! After it broke off from another supercontinent (a remnant of Pangea), it eventually collided with Asia. That collision gave us the Himalayan Mountains! That’s why scientists have actually found seashells and other remnants of aquatic life way up in the mountains. And did you know that Mount Everest actually gets a bit taller every year? that’s because India’s still moving North.

    More languages are spoken in India than any other country! While diversity probably peaked after the census survey in 1961, with over 1600 spoken, there are still over 1000 different tongues spoken today!

    India has the largest film industry in the world! Over 1000 films are produced every year, and in many of India’s different languages–including some English movies.

    India is host to the biggest festival in the world–100 million people attend Kumbh Mela every year. 

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